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Webinar Recap: Paths to Sustainable Publishing: Insights from the GBA Stakeholder Survey

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In 2020, BIC, BISG, and BookNet Canada formed the Green Book Supply Chain Alliance (GBA). As an early step, GBA surveyed the industry to better understand what steps toward sustainability had been taken by a range of supply-chain participants. Two years later, the GBA has repeated the survey to show progress areas and highlight ongoing opportunities. The results are in, and overall the news is good.

In this webinar, GBA presents and discusses some of the standout similarities and differences between the two surveys. Hear directly from members of the GBA as they discuss and present the survey findings with the potential to gain actionable strategies to align your publishing practices with sustainable principles.

Speakers: Jarin Pintana (GBA), Brian O'Leary (BISG), Karina Urquhart (BIC)


  • Focus on Efficiency: Companies seem to prioritize efficiency improvements over changing business models.

  • Pandemic Impact: The pandemic had mixed effects on sustainability efforts but led to lasting changes like increased remote work.

  • Increased Carbon Focus: There’s a growing emphasis on using carbon as a basis for decision making within the industry.

  • Sustainability Policies: Around 65% of companies reported having environmental policies or goals in both surveys.

  • Top Environmental Actions: Key actions included reducing material wastage, improving recycling efforts, and lowering energy consumption.

  • Remote Work Trends: Half of the respondents continued remote or hybrid work setups, a trend likely boosted by the pandemic.

  • Carbon Offsetting Shifts: There was a notable decrease in companies planning or currently offsetting carbon emissions.

  • Need for Targets: Establishing specific sustainability targets remains a crucial need for further commitment and progress.

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