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A Recap of BookNet's "Green Paths: Learning from Publishers’ Sustainability Journeys with BookNet"

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On March 26th, 2024 BookNet hosted "Green Paths: Learning from Publishers' Sustainability Journeys." In this event, industry leaders shared insights into their efforts toward environmental responsibility. The event, hosted by BookNet Canada, showcased the sustainable practices of the University of Toronto Press (UTP), Invisible Publishing, and Nosy Crow, and was moderated by New Society Publishers' EJ Hurst.

UTP highlighted its commitment to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through publications and journals, emphasizing collaborations with figures like former Toronto Mayor David Miller. The focus extended to unexpected areas, such as climate change's connection to theatre and cinema, showcasing diverse approaches to sustainability.

Meanwhile, Nosy Crow, a UK-based children's publisher, shared its journey in implementing sustainability strategies. Key initiatives included reducing Scope 3 emissions and navigating supply chain complexities, reflecting the broader industry's challenges and ambitions.

Attendees gained insights into collaborative projects like the Book Chain Project, aiming to map carbon footprints and promote circular economy practices. Future tools and resources were also discussed, aiming to support publishers in their sustainability endeavours.

The event provided a valuable platform for industry players to exchange ideas and strategies, reinforcing the growing importance of sustainability in publishing.

For further details and access to event recordings, visit the BookNet Canada website.

Photo by blackieshoot from Unsplash.

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