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Publisher-Printer Sustainability Checklist

This checklist has been developed as the output of a project conducted by the GBA. The checklist was created to help publishers and printers ask and answer questions about sustainability. The focus is on understanding what is being asked and sharing what manufacturing partners are doing concerning sustainability. These global questions can be used by everyone, no matter what point has been reached in an organisation’s sustainability journey.

In preparing this checklist, we have assumed that both publishers and their manufacturing partners are working to understand various sustainability topics. A publisher asking these questions has started its sustainability journey. Manufacturers have addressed elements of sustainability for a generation or more, and aspects of this checklist will be familiar to them. To the extent that either party is new to some components of sustainability, we have worked to define terms and explain the details of practical answers.

You can download a copy of this questionnaire here: The Green Book Alliance (GBA) Publisher-Printer Sustainability Checklist.

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