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Originally published:

Feb 24, 2024

Using the GBA Printer-Publisher Checklist

On February 13th, 2024, GBA held a webinar to discuss using the Printer-Publisher Checklist.

Originally published:

Feb 13, 2024

Webinar: Using the GBA Printer-Publisher Checklist

Originally published:

Jan 9, 2024

BISG's Planning for Sustainability: Risks and Opportunities

Sustainability is a disruptive and unavoidable force. Although it is driven by concerns for the climate and often described in environmental and purpose-driven language, that misses—and obscures—the point for most companies. A BISG Supply Chain Lunch & Learn

Originally published:

Dec 5, 2023

BIC Environmental Accreditation and Standards Map

The aim of this project was ultimately to help the industry make environmentally friendly purchasing decisions and allow for key sustainability data to be included in the ONIX feeds from publishers to the wider world. The project researched and vetted all industry applicable sustainability accreditation standards/badges and applied the most suitable to a curated supply chain ‘map’ highlighting where each might be used. A gap analysis was also produced detailing areas not yet addressed by current standards/badges or schemes.

Originally published:

Dec 1, 2023

The Publishing 2030 Accelerator (IPA)

The Accelerator prioritized three initial workstreams: calculating the carbon footprint of an individual book, distributed printing, and reimagining the accounting of revenues. In 2023, as the Accelerator finalizes these workstreams. Below we will provide the initial outputs, as they are published by each workstream, in the form of proof of concepts, whitepapers and insights

Originally published:

Sept 19, 2023

BISG's Typography as a Sustainable Strategy

Klaus van Krogh and Andreas Stopperup of design firm 2K/Denmark discuss the use of typography as a vehicle for reducing page count and carbon footprint while maintaining or improving readability.

Originally published:

Sept 11, 2023

Why do a greenhouse gas audit?

In this particular post, we will walk you through the what, why, and how of greenhouse gas audits, including recommendations for what steps to take once the audit is done based on our organizational journey to reduce emissions and ultimately, achieve net zero.

Originally published:

Apr 25, 2023

Podcast: Industry leaders on making publishing greener

Book industry leaders EJ Hurst from New Society and Jen Knoch from ECW Press talk about their work and progress in making their operations greener. Brian O’Leary from the Book Industry Study Group shares insight into the mission of the Green Book Alliance, the resources they have made available, and what they’re hoping to accomplish in the near future.

Originally published:

Feb 1, 2023

GBA Publisher-Printer Sustainability Checklist

The checklist was created to help publishers and printers ask and answer questions about sustainability.

Originally published:

Jan 26, 2023

GBA Sustainability Series: An introduction to your carbon footprint

A webinar introducing Scope 1, 2, and 3 Greenhouse Gas Emissions in the publishing industry.

Originally published:

Nov 29, 2022

Book Chain Project Environment Report 2020-21

The Book Chain Project have just released their very first Environment Report, designed to help provide essential emissions data for the publishing industry.

Originally published:

Nov 1, 2022

BIC’s Designed for Recycling Project Part 1 – Life Cycle Assessment

This report details the findings of the BIC Task and Finish Working Group (T&FWG) regarding the BIC Project Design for Recycling, Part 1 Life Cycle Assessment.

Originally published:

Jul 25, 2022

Canadian readers and the environment

Last year, we explored the impact of the Canadian book supply chain on the environment. This time around, we’re going to take a closer look at what Canadian book consumers and readers have to say about it.

Originally published:

Jan 1, 2022

The Greener Publishing Guide

This guide contains checklists and recommendations for publishers to support climate action within the book industry. From the Australian Publishers Association.

Originally published:

Nov 15, 2021

The book industry and the environment

Learn about the book industry's impact on the environment and what organizations across the industry, including @BookNet_Canada, are doing to reduce it.

Originally published:

Aug 5, 2021

Prioritizing sustainability in the consumer sector

Consumers and companies alike are becoming more interested in making sustainability-focused choices, but how to do so isn’t always clear. Two McKinsey partners provide some research-based insights.

Originally published:

Apr 1, 2021

Climate Responsibilities of Scholarly Publishing

A summary of potential sources of carbon emissions in scholarly publishing.

Originally published:

Mar 1, 2021

How green is your digital content?

A recording [YouTube] of the March, 2021 BIC Green Brunch on the environment footprint of digital content. You can also view the slides from the presentations.

Originally published:

Aug 1, 2020

The environmental footprint of paper vs. electronic books

A look at the environmental footprint of paper vs. electronic books.

Originally published:

Jan 1, 2005

Going Carbon Neutral: A Guide For Publishers

This Publishers Template has been created in order to assist any publishers who might want to become carbon neutral. From New Society Publishers.

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