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The Green Book Alliance is organized to promote information sharing, joint planning, environmental events, and other supply chain initiatives that can be shared or adopted across territories.

To support its work, the Alliance utilizes a structure that includes a multi-segment governing council, a set of industry observers who can inform the Alliance’s work, and sustaining members with an interest in sustainability. The benefits of each are outlined here.

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Organizational Structure

Governing Council

The Green Book Alliance recognizes that sustainability has many components, and it plans to develop a council whose members reflect the full supply chain. Seats will be reserved for publishers, manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors, retailers, libraries, and industry service partners. Terms will be two years in length, renewable once. Officers are selected from among council members. The council will also determine the nature and extent of bylaws/terms of reference for the organization.

Members of the Green Book Alliance council will oversee the organization, developing strategies, sharing subject matter expertise, and making the final decision on what gets researched. They will be recognized on the Alliance web site, and they have a primary say in recruiting organizational observers (below). Council participation fees are Ł5,000 per year. All participation fees will be directed to priorities established by the council.

Organizational Observers

The Green Book Alliance council will benefit from the perspectives of national, international, and segment-specific organizations who can help shape priorities and implement studies and recommendations. These organizations would be invited to obtain an early look at Alliance initiatives, offer their perspectives on Alliance plans, and participate in planned research projects. Programs that might include accreditation would be offered to observer organizations first. Observer participation fees are Ł1,000 per year.

Sustaining Members

The Alliance recognizes that a number of organizations may want to support its work and maintain contact with its work. The web site will provide information about the work of the organization, and the Alliance will maintain a mailing list. Members of the community who would like early notice on Alliance efforts, including the ability to register for in-person and virtual events, can join as sustaining members. This membership will include a license to feature the Alliance logo on company communications and discounts on paid products and events. Participation fees are set at Ł300 per year.

Our Members

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