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The Rise of Climate Quitting: When Values Clash in the Workplace

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A perspective on why companies need to follow through with their climate promises and sustainability goals.

In a recent article by the BBC, they describe the concept of "climate quitting" and how it's making waves as an increasing number of workers take a stand against companies that don't align with their environmental principles.

We are seeing this larger trend in the workforce – a surge in 'climate quitters.' These individuals are leaving companies whose environmental policies conflict with their deeply held values. According to research conducted by Supercritical, a carbon removal marketplace, 35% of 2,000 UK office workers surveyed expressed willingness to quit their jobs due to insufficient climate action by their employers. Notably, this figure rose to 53% among Gen Z employees.

The article sheds light on a crucial aspect of the modern workplace – the growing emphasis on environmental values and how they influence career decisions. It underlines the importance of corporate responsibility in addressing climate change and the changing expectations of employees, particularly among younger generations.

To read more about the rise of climate quitters and the impact of environmental values in the workplace, check out the full BBC article here.

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