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Embracing Nature's Leadership: Rethinking Business and Sustainability

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In today's era we are constantly seeing words like 'Sustainable Business,' 'Net Zero,' 'Carbon Neutral,' and 'Zero Waste,' but a critical term often overlooked is 'nature.' As sustainability takes center stage in business conversations, it is important to think about how it is intertwined with nature.

This question gains depth when considering innovative approaches adopted by companies like Faith in Nature, which appointed Nature to its board of directors. This move raised an eyebrow and stirred inquiries regarding the role of nature in the corporate world. Where sustainability talks can become too abstract, reframing to nature helps to cut more specifically to the crux of some of these issues.

Tom Greenwood contemplates this in his newsletter Oxymoron; how would nature run a business? What would nature advocate for if placed on a company's board of directors or given full authority?

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