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Thinking About Sustainable Web Design

close up on a fountain pen tip.

In an era where digital presence is paramount, there's a growing awareness of the environmental impact associated with our online activities. This project by Formafantasma and Studio Blanco redefines web design in the name of sustainability.

Ways that this interface minimizes energy consumption and reduces CO2 emissions typically generated by internet usage:

  • Uses system typefaces (Arial and Times New Roman) to avoid unnecessary HTTP requests

  • Follows the OS colour scheme's preference by default to reduce screen brightness and energy consumption

  • Clear and simple design to avoid loading unwanted content

  • Before viewing pictures at a larger size, a preview of the average file weight that a device will need to download is available

The importance of understanding sustainable digital landscapes is a step toward shaping a more eco-conscious tomorrow.

See Formafantasma's website to learn more..

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