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The environmental charter for book publishing

The French Publishers Association (SNE) and its Environment and Manufacturing committee especially, emphasize the importance of a more sustainable and ecologically friendly industry of book publishing.

SNE issued its environmental charter for book publishing, which aims to be a "good practices" guide enabling all the actors of book publishing to grasp the various environmental challenges. These "good practices" guide addresses all the chain leading to the publication of a book, from its production to its end of life and aims at identifying levers of improvement and at finding concrete solutions in order to lower the environmental footprint. This guide is bound to evolve along regulatory and societal changes but as of now it allows each book chain actor to evaluate their actions. SNE supports this positive approach towards transformation aimed at improving environmental practices.

This is a very informative article, which also links the UN SDGs to the various stages of the production process. Although written for the French market, there is a lot of information in the article that is relevant to all in the book industry.

Environmental charter for book publishing

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