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BookPeople Sustainability Paper

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BookPeople is an Australian not-for-profit who specifically advocates for booksellers. They have asked 'what does sustainability look like in the book industry, and what can we do for the future?' In response they have offered insight into the progressive practices and hurdles encountered by booksellers as they endeavor to embrace environmental consciousness.

The BookPeople Sustainability Paper dives into publishing and supply chain by:

  • Illuminating the correlation between upstream decisions and the environmental footprint of the final product received by booksellers.

  • Shedding light on the proactive steps taken by Australian publishers and printers, highlighting their efforts to shape a more sustainable industry landscape.

  • Guiding industry stakeholders in establishing benchmarks and quantifiable metrics for reducing emissions and fostering environmental sustainability.

  • Extending past booksellers and offering a roadmap for the industry at large by drawing actionable recommendations.

Read the full document to learn more.

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