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Take the Green Book Alliance Stakeholder Survey 2023

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

In 2020, BIC, BISG, and BNC formed the International Green Book Supply Chain Alliance. As an early step, it surveyed the industry to understand better what steps toward sustainability had been taken by a range of supply-chain participants. A bit more than two years later, the GBA is repeating the survey to show progress areas and highlight ongoing opportunities.

What follows is a short, top-level survey whose results will provide the industry with an overview/summary of current sustainability efforts. As in 2020, all answers will be treated in confidence. Responses may be aggregated to provide a summary report, but attribution to individual responses will not be made. There are 18 questions and an optional section at the end to add more information. Please be as forthcoming as possible, as your answers will help inform our supply chain sustainability agenda.

Please start the survey here:

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