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What Wiley is Doing in Sustainability

tree with green leaves against a backdrop of a clear blue sky

Taking a closer look at Wiley's sustainability initiatives reveals a concerted effort to address environmental concerns within the organization. The Wiley Impact program, particularly the Go Green initiative, aims to reduce the environmental impact of operations by understanding and mitigating factors contributing to carbon emissions.

Despite being CarbonNeutral certified across Global Operations, Wiley recognizes the ongoing necessity for climate action. Through participation in the Science Based Targets Initiative, the company has set emission reduction targets in alignment with contemporary climate science.

One area of their focus has been the distribution of print products, which significantly contributes to Wiley's carbon footprint. Collaborating with Trees for the Future, Wiley's Go Green Fund plants a tree for every print copy abstained from, establishing carbon sinks to offset print-related emissions.

While commendable progress has been made, with 505K trees planted since July 2021, Wiley's aspiration to reach 1 million trees within three years necessitates a reduction in print volume by 1 million copies. The success of this goal hinges on collaborative efforts to eliminate unnecessary print.

Insights from Wiley's 8th Annual Society Member Survey underscore a shifting preference towards digital content delivery, with environmental considerations increasingly factoring into decision-making.

While these initiatives signal a step in the right direction, ongoing commitment and action to address sustainability challenges are needed to continue progress.

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