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The BIC Green Supply Chain Committee

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Sustainability is a pressing concern in today's world, and the book publishing industry is no exception. Book Industry Communication (BIC) is taking significant strides toward sustainability with its Green Supply Chain Committee. These initiatives are designed to address environmental issues, align with the United Nations Sustainability Development Goals, and contribute to reducing the industry's environmental footprint. Let's dive into the latest updates and projects.

1. BIC's Principles of Offsetting Project:

Launched in October 2023, this project aims to evaluate global carbon offsetting programs. It's a collective effort to provide book industry organizations with essential insights for informed choices regarding offsetting programs. Simon Crump, an experienced consultant, leads a dedicated team of BIC member volunteers.

2. BIC's Sustainability and Environmental Data Reporting Project:

Commencing in June 2023, this two-part project seeks to establish regular industry reporting for sustainability in the UK book industry supply chain.

  • Part 1: Clarifying current industry sustainability data practices.

  • Part 2: Determining priority areas for reporting and monitoring, along with best practices for data sharing.

3. BIC's Designed for Recycling Project, Part 2:

This project, initiated in March 2023, continues the work from Part 1's life cycle assessment of books. The focus here is on recommending recyclable book design and improving manufacturing efficiency.

These projects, evaluating offsetting programs, enhancing data reporting, and promoting recyclable book design, are essential steps toward a more sustainable future for book publishing. Stay tuned for updates on these impactful initiatives.

See BIC's website to learn more..

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