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Communicating Your Company's Sustainability Efforts

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In today's climate-conscious world, consumers are increasingly mindful of the environmental impact of the products they purchase, including books. As the book publishing industry works toward more sustainable practices, effectively communicating your company's efforts in the book supply chain is vital.

Here's how book publishing industry professionals can convey their sustainability practices to their audience:

Transparent Supply Chain: Start by ensuring transparency throughout your supply chain. Detail the steps taken to reduce carbon footprints, such as using recycled paper or eco-friendly printing methods. Highlight partnerships with sustainable paper suppliers and eco-conscious printing houses. Not sure how to talk about sustainability in the supply chain? Start with GBA's Publisher-Printer Sustainability Checklist.

Storytelling Through Content: Use your social media platforms to tell the story of your sustainability journey. Feature behind-the-scenes content showcasing efforts to minimize waste, recycle materials, or reduce energy consumption during the production process. Engage readers with narratives about sustainable initiatives taken by authors, illustrators, or contributors.

Engage Authors and Collaborators: Encourage authors, illustrators, and contributors to align with your sustainability goals. Collaborate with them to create content that emphasizes environmental consciousness. Showcase their eco-friendly initiatives or choices in book creation.

Certifications and Labels: Obtain and display recognized certifications, to assist in validating your company's sustainability efforts. Need assistance navigating this? See BIC’s Environmental Accreditation Badges and Standards Map.

Continuous Improvement: Emphasize your commitment to continuous improvement in sustainability practices. Communicate future goals and initiatives, showcasing a proactive approach to reducing the environmental footprint of book production.

By effectively communicating your company's sustainability efforts in the book publishing supply chain, you not only align with environmentally conscious consumers but also contribute positively to a more sustainable future for the industry. Transparent and engaging communication is key to fostering trust and loyalty among readers who prioritize eco-friendly choices.

Remember, sustainability is not just a practice—it's a journey and a story worth sharing.

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