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The Green Book Alliance has recently taken part in, or hosted, presentations at:

BookNet Canada's Tech Forum

BISG Annual Meeting of Members

Edleweiss Bookfest

Book Summit 21

You can still catch us online on July 1st as part of the Online Book Fair (LBF):

The Green Book Alliance: Making the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals a Reality

Thursday, 1 July 2021

11:00-12:00| Event time (GMT+1)

Free registration required

Sustainability and eco-consumers are here to stay and in response, the book industry needs to reduce waste, use more green energy, promote the circular economy and maximise green efficiencies. Our industry needs to be able to monitor its position and not only measure its progress and successes but promote and share them. International collaboration and sharing best practices (both established and new) are vital as this needs to be a concerted effort globally. BIC, as the long-established dedicated supply chain organisation for the book industry, is at the heart of leading the greening required and in June 2020 was instrumental in the creation of the Green Book Alliance with BISG in the US and Book Net Canada.

In this session, attendees will hear from the United Nations directly about their Sustainability Development goals and how the Green Book Alliance’s international initiative is working towards making them a reality.

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