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Canadian readers and the environment

In collecting data for the first six months of this year for our 2022 edition of the Canadian Book Consumer Study, we’ve found that the environmental impact of the book industry matters to 56% of Canadians overall and specifically to 69% of Canadian book buyers and 66% of Canadian library book borrowers.

To get more specific, in surveying for our Canadian Leisure & Reading Study 2021, we asked Canadian print readers what they thought of three environment-focused statements about the print book

  1. I want books to be made from sustainably-sourced paper.

  2. I want to know where books are printed or shipped from.

  3. I want my books delivered in ecological-friendly packaging.

For the most part, Canadian print readers agreed or sometimes agreed with each of these statements, as shown in the graph below.

Please head to the BookNet Canada blog to learn whether the environmental impact of the book industry matters to Canadian readers.

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