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Which Finger Should Matching Ring Set For Couples be worn? Social norms and lifestyle habits fashion and customs... all these aspects influence the selection of the finger to wear a women's ring. Some even interpret the meaning of the choice of finger; wearing a ring on your middle finger, thumb or little finger, your the index finger or ring finger would say an awful lot about your personality.

Rings for the ring fingers

Ring finger is the finger which is the best for wearing rings. Moreover, its name directly refers to the ring. From that point on you can wear all the rings of your choice on this finger, either to the left or right.

Furthermore, it is on the ring finger that engagement rings and wedding rings are usually worn. In France as well as in several other countries it is on the left ring finger that these jewelry symbols of unions are worn. After the wedding is over the engagement ring could be transferred to the right ring.

If you are not married, it's a good idea to wear rings on your right hand so as to not mislead the people around you. It can also be an effective strategy to not be solicited.

Signet rings and other rings for the little finger

The little finger is not the easiest to dress with rings. The little finger on the left hand is where the signet rings can be found. These rings were used to seal official documents during the Middle Ages. This hand position was the most convenient for applying the wax seal. Even today, men and women favor this finger when wearing the signet the ring.

This small finger can be decorated with other jewelry. Pick rings that are small and well-adjusted.

Jewelry for the index finger

This finger is extremely important in everyday life. This is why it is important to be extra cautious when choosing your index finger jewelry. An accident quickly occurred. Therefore, opt for simple, smooth and complete jewelry, rings that do not have expensive stones or intricate ornaments. The goal is to ensure that your ring is not damaged during your daily activities. Also, you should not allow external elements to get your jewelry and injure you.

Rings for the middle finger

It is the longest finger on the hand and often the thinnest. It makes it a perfect fit for rings. However, think about the meaning behind an elevated middle finger prior to choosing your jewelry. This finger is visible. This finger can be adorned with any ring from the most extravagant to the most discreet. We typically consider the middle finger as the"identity" finger so choose a ring that perfectly reflects your style and your personality.

A thumb ring

Like the index finger, the thumb is also used extensively during our daily activities. Select jewelry that isn't rough or hooks, particularly when you are occupied with manual or physical work. This thumb is stronger than other fingers, therefore the size of the ring is important. To adorn the thumb on the left or right it is suggested to apply more or less wide rushes.

How do you determine the size of a Women's Ring?

Rings are among the most beautiful presents that you can give or receive. It symbolizes the bond that binds two individuals. But, once the ring is chosen it is essential to be aware of the size of the ring. A woman's ring that is too tight could risk injuring yourself, while one that is too big could fall off the finger. The only measurement you need to know to determine the ring's size is the size of the finger. Here are some tips to determine the size of the ring of a woman.

Ring sizes for women

Ring size is the average of the finger joint size and ring's location. If we measure the circumference of the area where the ring is to be placed and the circumference at the joint is 5.1cm The average size is 5cm. This is multiplied by 10 to calculate the size of the ring. In this instance, a woman's ring size will be 50. This is the equivalent of the ring's 2.5 cm circumference.

How to measure a ring's size?

There are different methods for finding the right ring size. Below, you will find various methods to determine the size of a ring. To ensure a certain result, you can try different methods.

Measurement of the diameter of a ring by using a ruler

If you already have an ring that is suitable for your finger, you can measure its internal diameter to determine the size you need. After the ring has been placed on a level, flat surface, use a ruler to determine the diameter of the ring. Then, record the size according the table below.

This method is simple and inexpensive. It's not the most precise method. Do not hesitate to measure the garment several times before you determine the proper size.


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